Freiburg music festival: music connects people

"Heartfelt, may it reach others' hearts" - a uniting festival for the year 2021


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Bach's Art of Fuge, sounds from faraway worlds, universal transformations of a simple waltz, the colourful round dance of the League of David, Schubert's last song and sonata, 


All those within a music festival for Freiburg in its Concert House?


Yes, it is possible to integrate all these masterworks into an organic and breathing structure and relate everything to each other.


The House of Culture Freiburg finally finished the architectural concept of a completely new music festival after long nights of discussion with a lot of artists supposed to take please in the Concert House of Freiburg in the 2021.


The complex thematical and musical structure of the whole concept can already be seen above.


15 concerts grouped in 5 blocks à 3 recitals, each block secretly indicating its successor and preceeding ideas reflecting that music is always the sum of the past and opens the door to the sounds of future.


Music presented by artists of completely different backgrounds. Highly talented and aspiring young artists are involved as well as established musicians. Anyone who is curious to know more details is welcome to contact the House of Culture Freiburg.


A big festival which is designed by artists for artists and art lovers, but also for enthusiasts and curious people who would like to get to know new paths aside from established structures.


Without agencies in the background this project will only become possible if enough sponsors and patrons can be found who can support the financial needs of this big project. Currently discussions and applications are on-going involving potential sponsors such as Baden-Württemberg Foundation, the Ministry of Culture Freiburg and a lot of other foundations such as the Renate und Waltraut Sick Foundation.


Anyone who would like to support this project is welcome to get to know more details on


The more people and art lovers are striving to suppor this festival the more it is likely to be able to get together the needed funds.


With the charitable fund raising platform Betterplace a reliable partner could be found whose fund raising platform can used only for acknowledged non-profit-making projects of non-profit organisations. Anyone who likes to donate for this charitable festival is welcome to get know know further details about the concept via the link below. It is also possible to make a donation via the Betterplace donation form below. All funds which are necessary for the realisiation of this project are listed in a compleltely transparent manner. Therefore it can be easily seen which costs are linked to each concert. 


Important: Donations for this project are used only for this project, in case the complete funds cannot be reached a festival with reduced number of concerts will substitute the original concept in any case. Even if only one concert could be realised due to financial restrictions it would be a great success for all those who are in love with arts. Of course, officially acknowledged donation receipts will be issued.