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PERSIan Miniatures featuring MISAGH JOOLAEE (KAMancheh) and SCHAGHAJEGH NOSRATI (piano)

Sunday, 28.11.2021      

5 p.m.        


Venue: Kaisersaal in Historisches Kaufhaus Freiburg

Münsterplatz 24, 79098 Freiburg


»Persian Miniatures« 



Aminollah Hossein (1905-1983)


Persian Miniatures op. 25 (arr. T. Kamangar, piano solo)

»Nostalgic Dreams« 

»Call of Remembrance«  

»Invitation to the Spell«  



Misagh Joolaee (*1983)

»Negarin« première (Kamancheh, piano)



Komitas Vardapet (1869-1935) 

(arr. S. Aslamazyan, Kamancheh, piano)

»La lyre armenienne« 


»Yerkinqn Ampel A« 

»Al Ayloughs« 



Béla Bartók (1881-1945):


Romanian Folk Dances Sz. 56 (piano solo)


I. Stick Dance

II. Brâul (Sash Dance)

III. In One Spot

IV. Dance from Bucsum

V. Romanian Polka

VI. Fast Dance



Maurice Ravel (1875-1937)


»Cinq Mélodies populaires grecques« 

 (arr. for Kamancheh and piano)


I. Le Réveil de la Mariée

II. Là-Bas, vers l ́église

III. Quel galant m ́est comparable

IV. Chanson des cueilleuses de lentisques V. Tout gai!



Misagh Joolaee (*1983)

»After a Summer« première (Kamantscheh, piano)

»Dance of Maples« première (Kamancheh, piano)



Folk songs from Azerbaijan (Kamancheh, piano)

»Sene de Qalmaz«

 »Qizlarin Mahnisi«



- Intermission - 



 Misagh Joolaee (*1983)

»Before Dawn« première (Kamancheh solo)



Turkish folk song (Kamancheh, piano)

»Erzincan düz halayi«



Arno Babadjanian (1921-1983)

»Prelude« (piano solo)

»Vagharshapat Dance« (piano solo)



Folk Song from Azerbaijan (Kamancheh, piano)

»Sari Gelin« (arr. Chingiz Sadykhob)



Misagh Joolaee (*1983)

»Marmara Sea« (Kamancheh, piano)



Arno Babadjanian (1921-1983)

Elegy »In Memoriam Aram Khachaturian« (piano solo)



Misagh Joolaee (*1983)

»In the Eye of the Wind« (Kamancheh, piano)





Misagh Joolaee, Kamantsche

Schaghajegh Nosrati, Klavier


Venue: Kaisersaal in Historisches Kaufhaus Freiburg

Münsterplatz 24, 79098 Freiburg


Beginn: Sunday, 28.11.2021, 5 p.m. (admission from 4:20 p.m.)


Tickets for this event can be purchased via online ticket shop below or alternatively at the box office. The number of seats is limited to 100.


Therefore an online-purchase is highly recommended in order to ensure a seat.


The complete revenue of this concert is completely designated for the benefit of the artist and for the of continuation of this petite but fine concert series


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From Longing to oriental ornamentation and intercultural understanding


The House of Culture Freiburg walks along new paths with the  »Persian Miniatures«  and presents an very uncommon instrumental line-up featuring the combination of Kamancheh (Iranian violin) and piano which constitute an absolute rarity.


Azerbaijani and Armenian folk songs and dances which mostly have been arranged by the two artists of this recital, piano solo works by Béla Bartók, compositions of the most important  »European« Persian classical composer Aminollah Hossein and an excerpt of Misagh Joolaees latest album  »Unknown Nearness« which has been awarded the German Record Critics Award in 2021 - all these and much more can be experienced during this recital representing the idea of intercultural understanding. 



Not only the instrumental line-up between a traditional Iranian instrument - the Kamancheh - and the piano is a mirror of the idea of intercultural understanding and the interconnecting spirit of music, also the works which are mainly based on Azerbaijani and Armenian folk songs and dances can be regarded as reflection of the humanistic spirit of music.



Featuring music from Azerbaijan and Armenia of all things two countries and cultures are represented who were in war most recently. In the world of music this is brought ad absurdum as the music of these countries and regions is characterised by an enormous melodic and harmonic closeness and steeped relationship with regards to its very ingenious ornamentation. 


Embedded into the abstract idea of "Persian Miniature" boarders, tensions and conflicts are disolved into dance and longing and point towards a better future. 


In a similar way classical composers of European music always tried to overcome boarders and to advance to the connecting element of music. Such as in Bartók's six Romanian Folk Songs: melodies and rhythms can be heard which are sung and danced in Romania as well as in Hungary.


The five Greek Folk Songs ("Cinq Mélodies Populaires Grecques") which have been composed between 1904 and 1906 mark the begin of a phase in the compositional Oeuvre of Maurice Ravel which is characterised by in intense interaction with folk songs of different cultured and epoches. In the novel instrumental line-up Kamancheh and piano the central motto not only of this concert but of all concerts of the House of Culture becomes visible: Music brings people together.


Hosting Misagh Joolaee and Schaghajegh Nosrati two established world class musicians are the protagonists of this recital who are always striving for the discovery of new ways of expression and unheard sounds besides their interaction with established genres and line-ups. 



Tickets for this wonderful recital, taking place on   at 5 p.m. (admission from 4:20 p.m.) can be purchased in advance via the ticket shop seen below and at the box office on the day of the recital. The number of seats is limited to 100 due to current restrictions (as of June 1st 2021). Therefore an online-purchase is highly recommended in order to ensure a seat. 




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Persian Miniatures with Misagh Joolaee and Schaghajegh Nosrati in Historisches Kaufhaus Freiburg

Sunday, 28.11.2021, 5 p.m. (admission from 4:20 p.m.)

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