Am i allowed to participate just like that?

You are going to have an audition and would be pleased to get a sound advice?


You would like to present yourself and your music during a private house concert and would like to exchange ideas about your music with other music and art lovers?


You are urgently searching for a piano duo partner?


You would like to exhibit your works within a small circle of people at first?


You would like to host a reading but you don't know for whom and where?


Don not hesitate and get in touch with the House of Culture Freiburg (contact form below). The House of Culture will  come back to you promptly and make all its efforts in order to find a solution for you and your request.



But, what if...?


You would like to understand more about classical music and are looking for a leading hand but you do not dare to talk about it with so-called connoiseurs because you are afraid to embarrass yourself?


The established concert life seems to be too elitist and unapproachable for you and you are looking for alternative ways in order to make this world accessible for you?


Again and again you are thinking about a certain motif, passage, counterpoint and you would like to exchange ideas about it?


You are brooding about the question whether Tchaikovsky's ballets and symphonies are transformable into each other - both worlds reflecting the same expression of a certain emotional state of mind in different colours, but you are not sure whether others feel the same ?


You would like to discuss whether Bach' s Contrapunctus 14 from The Art of Fugue is is based on the concept of a quadruple fugue or whether the work finds its culmination point in the combination of its 3 themes which leads to a suddden abruption of the music?


You would like the work created by you firstly being presented in a private and intimate environment and you would like to expatiate on it in front of few eyes?


Contact the House of Culture. It will try to find answers and approaches together with you for all those difficult questions and concerns and maybe open a door to a new world.