Danial Arabali (visual arts)


Danial Arabali was born in Gorgan (North Iran) in 1984.  In 2010 he came to Bochum (Germany) as student of engineering. He finished his scientific career at the University of Göttingen by obtaining his Ph.D. degree in neuroscience.  


Driven by the urge and thirst for expression in arts he created a remarkable artistic oeuvre in parallel to his scientific education. His work could be experienced in different international exhibitions.




18 - 25.02.2019   Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Delhi, India

01. - 30.05.2017  Teilchen & Beschleuniger, Münster

01. - 30.04.2016  Dabis Kaffeestube, Göttingen

01 - 30.08.2014   Nachbarschaftszentrum Grone, Göttingen




Cover images for the science magazine "Der Nervenarzt": neurology and psychiatry, Sprier, issues 2019

Danial Arabali is a visual artist and neuroscientist.


He searched for deep emotional and characteristics aspects of human nature in his earlier works related to portraiture and figurative paintings and drawings.


But recently has has started to depict a deeper aspect of human nature: 


A part of the human that builds representations of emotions, rationality and psychology. In his new artworks, inspired by the anatomical and functional aspects of the brain's neuronal network, he tries to dig out the aesthetics behind the brain. 


The brain contains billions of cells which interact with each other in a complex network. This complexity is the drive for our behaviour, thinking, emotion and of course artistic creation per se, but itself has the capacity to sit as a model for artistic inspirations!


These paintings have been exhibited in Germany and India and the international Springer journal for neurology and psychiatry has monthly published them this year.