House of culture Artist Management

The House of Culture Freiburg officially represents the international artists presented below and acts as their professional partner.

When acting as official representative of those artists the main goal is always creating a healthy path for supporting arts and culture and promoting cultural life word-wide - music brings people together. Thereby the House of Culture Artist Management separates itself from commercially-orientated agencies and thus establishes the basis for free artistic creation and free artistic expression.


Inquiries can be made for the following artists / ensembles via the House of Culture Freiburg Artist Management

(please check the contact information below).


In case of an inquiry the House of Culture Freiburg will act as professional partner and official representative of the interests of the requested artist(s) / ensemble(s) respectively. The establishment of a balance between the interests of the artist and the interests of the host will be one of the main aspects of the work of the House of Culture as a professional intermediary.

Furthermore the preservation of its core idea will be provided which is enabling art as a free process which brings people together.


Artists of House of Culture ARtist Management

Misagh Joolaee, Kamancheh virtuoso

Sebastian Flaig, percussionist

Stanislas Kim, Cellist

Levent Özdemir, Bağlama virtuoso

Photography: Ghazaleh Ghazanfari
Photography: Ghazaleh Ghazanfari

Danial Arabali, visual artist