09.11.2019     Contemplation 

19:00 Uhr        


Giulio Regondi: Etude no. 1 in C major (1822)


Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonata no. 1 in g minor for solo violin, BWV 1001 (1720)


Heitor Villa-Lobos:  Etude no. 12 (1929)


Alexandre Tansman: Variations sur un thème de Scriabine (1972)


Giulio Regondi: Rêverie (Nocturne), Op. 19 


Fernando Sor: Grand Solo, Op. 14 (1805)



Carlos Restrepo, guitar



Venue: House of Culture Freiburg (Shafagh Nosrati), 

Untere Lindenstr. 3,

79238 Ehrenkirchen

Begin: 7:00 p.m. (admission from 6:30 p.m. onwards)


A small donation for the artists and for the sake of continuation of this petite but fine concert series is highly appreciated.


Contemplation: Monologue of Beauty


New wonderful sounds of the guitar, performed by top guitarist Carlos Restrepo will fill the halls of the House of Culture Freiburg at November 9th and let the listener immerge into a world of silence and contemplation, depth and meditation.


The House of Culture: In permanent search for expression and arts and in eternal effort to fathom new perspectives. 

The encounter with Carlos Restrepo gives rise to the opportunity of experiencing a wonderful contemplative program which reveals new paths to the silent listeners.


The consternating depth of solitude displayed in Bach's deeply moving Sonata in g minor for solo violin appears like a reflection of a dream embedded into the silvery glittering robe of the guitar sound and shows that Bach's aesthetics is continuing until eternity, being subject to an on-going search for new tonal perspectives...


...Scriabin's dark thoughts in e flat minor as metamorphosis and transformation in the robe of variations, reveries and nocturnes for the secret listener; fabulous Carlos Restrepo exhibits an important part of the European classical music tradition which is not in the general spotlight, due to its fragile fineness and silence of the sound not being made for the big pompous concert hall but rather for the small circle of spellbound listening searchers.


Searchers such as Danial Arabali splendid art works are displayed in the House of Culture for the first time and which expand the dimensions of expression during this evening. Scriabin's Mysterium indicated in pictures at an exhibition?


A very intense evening is coming up on SaturdayNovember 9, 2019 at 7 p.m. in the House of Culture Freiburg  giving us the opportunity of diving into thoughts and reflections, views and dreams.


Mandatory audience registrations for this concert can be undertaken by means of the registration form / the registration-button below. As usual, the number of seats is limited to approximately 25-30.

Carlos Restrepo
Carlos Restrepo

We regret to announce that all seats have been booked. We are looking forward to meeting you during the next concert.