Carlos Restrepo (Guitar)

Carlos Restrepo was born in Cali (Colombia) in 1986. He completed his musical studies at the University del Valle (Colombia) in the class of Clemente Diaz and Hector Gonzales and futhermore under guidance by Susana Prieto and Alexis Muzurakis (Duo Melis) at the Univerity and Conservatorz of Strassburg. Since September 2018 he is studying  at the University of Music Freiburg being student of Matthias Kläger. 


He has been  awarded numerous prices at important international guitar competitions. He steadily refined and ripened his musical and tonal expression skills and techniques during master classes with outstanding guitarists such as Judicael Perroy, Eric Franceries, Prof. Joaquim Clerch, Pablo Marquez, Gerhard Reichenbach, Peter Katona, Gabriel Bianco, Florian Larousse, Thomas Müller Pering and Prof. Ricardo Gallen.


Carlos Restrepo is giving concerts in the international spotlight as soloist and chamber musician.

He teaches classical guitar as lecturer at different music school in Germany and also in France.