The team

Diverse, colourful, at different locations but united in our striving in order to convey the crux of pure arts to all art lovers and all those who are thirsty for music and arts, the team House of Culture:

Shafagh Nosrati (Ehrenkirchen, pianist): General Management



Carolin Allgeier (Elzach, engineer and pianist): 

Artist Management and Stage Management

Fatemeh Sharifi Aghdam (Freiburg, Engineer Master of Science and Novelist): 

Customer Management und Operations

Fotografie: Irène Zandel
Fotografie: Irène Zandel

Schaghajegh Nosrati (Berlin, pianist): 

Artist Manager European Arts and Artistic Concept

Misagh Joolaee (Berlin, Kamancheh virtuoso):

Artist Manager Oriental Arts and Artistic Concept

Cornelia Schabak (Freiburg, visual artists): 

Artist Care and Stage Management


Masoud Nosrati (Bochum, engineer): 

Artist care and logistics, Marketing Manager


Mohammad Abdolhamidi (Düsseldorf, engineer):

Consultancy Concept and Scheduling                                                         

Parisa Jafarimoghadam (Düsseldorf, designer and artist):    

Visual Arts and graphical concept

Faravak Mohajervepessaran (Bochum, engineer:

Director Accounting and Financial Administration            


Markus Daumann (Dietenheim, Master of Arts): Financial Services and Cash Auditing

Florian Sebastian Eusensky (Eisenach, composer): 

Director Master Plan and Programme Conception