Music lessons in Ehrenkirchen and Freiburg

As musical institute we offer lessons in Ehrenkirchen and vicinity and in Freiburg in the following subjects:



Music theory and aural education

History of music
History of piano music

General musical education for students


The lessons are aimed at both young and old learners, beginners and also advanced students. Also seniors who have never played an instrument before are warmly welcome to contact us. Learning an instrument and getting a deeper understanding of music is possible at any age. 


Teaching units can be booked for  60 minutes / 45 minutes / 30 minutes respectively.


If desired the lessons can also take place online via Zoom (not recommended in case of piano lessons though)



Methodic and teaching philosophy

The piano lessons are based on the following 4 pillars which are all taught within an integrative education concept.


Physiognomy and ergonomics

Technique and tonal expression ability


Musical imagination and awakening of own creativity

Harmonics and analysis of sounds 


Due to his professional background as graduate (Artistic Diploma Piano) of the University of Music and Performing Arts of Munich the lecturer Shafagh Nosrati the education method finally goes back to methods and philosophies of the German school of Wilhelm Kempff and is additionally enriched by the Russian piano school and techniques.


booking lessons

If you are interested in booking lessons and would like to learn more about the details don´t hesitate and contact the House of Culture Freiburg. The contact method are listed below in the contact form area.

The lecturer

Shafagh Nosrati (*1982)


Qualification: Artistic Diploma in piano at the University of Music and Performing Artst Munich in 2005 (Prof. Gernard Oppitz).


Long-term experience in teaching children and juveniles, but also with adults and seniors (also seniors als beginners).J


International concert experience and long-term experience as lecturer at the music academy "Fantasy Sound" in Shanghai (China).


Lessons can be offered in the following language:


German, English, Chinese, Japanese, Persian