Levent Özdemir (Bağlama)

Levent Özdemir was born in 1972 in Tunceli (Turkey). At the age of 10 he began to play the Bağlama and gave his public debut at the age of 13.


Between 1989-1990 he studiet at the Yavuz Top Music School and was awarded his teaching diploma. 


In2016 he graduated at the  Anadolu University in the department of public relations.


In 1992 he came to Germany and is living in Bielefeld since 2007. Between 1998 and 1999 he was appointed as Bağlama teacher at the music school in Hildesheim. From 2007 until 2014 he taught his art as lecturer at the University of Hildesheim.

 His debut solo album Ben Ne Idim was published in 2005.


Levent Özdemir has made impressive public appearances in Germany amongst others also with symphonic accompaniment (2008-2011) and furthermore was on stage in TV-broadcasts.. 


The cooperation on stage with his idol and acknowledges  Bağlama master Arif Sag takes one of the most important places within his musical career.


Since 2015 he is acting in concert with Kamancheh master Misagh Joolaee and can be heard on stage together with him. 


One of the most important goals of the virtuoso Levent Özdemir is the establishment of the instrument Bağlama and its sound which originally roots in Anatolia (Turkey) in Europe and also world-wide. Therefore his utmost concern is to reach an international audience with his recitals.